Deleted a Branch but got a Pull Request 500 error, How to recover?


I created a ‘Branch’ and a ‘Pull Request’ on Gitea.
Later, I deleted Branch within the Pull Request and closed it.
However, I found there is still have this Branch on Commit Graph.
I deleted it with command line “git push origin :refs/pull/32/head”.
The Commit Graph displays good, but the Pull Request shows a 500 error.


How can I resolve this Pull Request 500 error? I wish this Pull Request either deleted on Gitea or back to normal.

Many Thanks.

P.S. I am using Gitea V1.9.4, Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Problem solved.

Lucky enough, we had our backup (aka, gitea dump zip file). We copied the backup file from ‘refs/pull/32/head’ folder into the current repository, the web ‘Pull Request’ successfully recovered.


  1. Do more backups;
  2. Do not try to delete issue & pull request, if wrong, make comment and leave it with closed statues.