Option to hide archived repos from Web UI

So I have been looking at archiving a lot of our old repositories. I see the option to archive which effectively makes the repo read-only and such. However, I see no option in the UI or the gitea ini to hide archived repositories from the Web UI. I have checked the forums and github to figure out if anything like this is available, and the only thing I have found is the suggestion to create a new org for archived repos.

However, this does not solve my original problem, because the repos still show up in the feed list. What I am trying to do is to have them as if they are no longer there. They are archived, I don’t need to see them, but I don’t quite need to delete them. I figure this could be a nice option to have, a checkbox either system-wide or user-specific to “hide” archived repositories from view.

It would greatly help organization and cleanness.