On log any issue send mail to all user

When I log any issue it send mail to all user. It requires to send mail only assigned user and issue logger.

Are you using Gitea? If so what version? And what code can you share here to enable others to
help you debug?

Yes I am using Gitea and using through windows service version is 1.5.1

By all user do you mean all repo collaborators you’ve set?

It was send to user who are watches the repository. I need to send those who is assignee and logger.

The point of watching a repo is to receive notifications is it not? What would you expect to happen if you sign-up via email and choose to watch a repository otherwise?

Also, you claimed in the OP that all users received an email. That’s different than all users watching a repo receiving a notification.

Unless I misunderstood something please inform your user to unwatch the repo if they don’t want to receive activity notifications.