New installation fails - installed database version 52 ; 1.12.5 migrations minDB = 70

I know whether this is a gitea problem or a packaging problem with this implementation ReadyNAS Gitea

A new installation fails (I think) because the seed/initial database is created at version 52; but the database migrations in 1.12.5 require a minimum version of 70.

The problem occurred with SQLite and MySQL/MariaDB backend databases.

Is there a standard way to create a supported, baseline database version before the migrations are applied?

So then you have to upgrade to a previous version at first and then upgrade to v1.12.5

Which is what I did - I have a functioning Gitea installation.

The problem is for everyone else who want to install the latest Gitea from scratch - in order to get a functioning installation, they have to install an old version, configure that and then upgrade, which imposes a barrier to using Gitea.

I’m not sure what this ReadyNAS is. It just looks unmaintained.

can you explain what it is and how you think there is a problem when “everyone” want to install latest gitea from scratch, since it works on other systems.