Moving issue to an other repository with SQL queries

On my personal Gitea instance I have a repository that I found to be having information about too many distinct things. It’s purpose is mostly tracking issues and ideas pertaining to a thing, but soon I also want to use it for storing configurations and other documents. Earlier it seems appropriate to group the issues this way, but now it starts to become very clear that it is not.

What I want to do is create x number of new repositories, and distribute all of the issues from this big repository between those, thematically. The problem is, I haven’t found a solution for moving issues.
I have read on Github multiple issues where it is said that there is currently no functionality to do this, and that it is planned but not being worked on. I understand that.

I don’t need tracking it in an issue’s history that it has been moved, so I think it would be safe to just modify the database while Gitea is down, though I’m not familiar with Gitea’s database architecture.
I’m afraid if I just went ahead and did a few SQL queries that may make it work, it may introduce a ton of inconsistencies if I don’t update certain things that I should.

Could you help in what records are to be modified and how? You obviously don’t need to explain SQL.
It might be important to note that I’m using MariaDB (MySQL).

The reason I want to do it this way instead of just copy pasting the text of issues is because I want to keep dates and other metadata.

I think other users/admins may also benefit if this information could be gathered, since from time to time there are issues on Github asking questions about a feature doing this automatically.