Howto move a repository with the api


is it possible to move a repository to a new user / organisation (i.e change the owner of the repository) using the API? this seems not to be possible with gitea 1.9.3, but I may do it wrong

according to the doc, PATCH[​/repos​/{owner}​/{repo}] can only change the name (ie. rename the repository) but not the owner

any idea? should I fill a feature request?

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That may not be implemented.


thank you for your response.
I suppose the feature doesn’t exist because there isn’t the need yet

well, I don’t know ‘go’, so I cannot contribute a PR. I’ll move the 50+ repos manually :frowning:

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Jephté Clain

Can’t you just use migrate it to another user?
Maybe with


thank you. that’s an idea. I’ll try next time I have to move around a bunch of repository

best regards, Jephté Clain

Le jeu. 10 oct. 2019 à 10:11, Andreas Wachter via Gitea a écrit :


With API we can’t transfer a repository between two organization.
We can use a workaround as explained at