Migration question Gitlab

I was wondering, if someone could shed some light,
Currently i have gitlab 16.3.5-ce.0 on docker and its eating alot of RAM 10gigs and i dont use much of all gitlab only the WIKI and to store a few things, wanted to migrate to gitea, my question on the migration does it migrate the WIKI with the photos?
any recommendation guides up to date?

was reading a bit GitHub - h44z/gitlab_to_gitea: Gitlab to Gitea migration script. but seems a bit old

Thank you

It is possible to migrate repositories directly in web interface from GitLab:

I have not tried migrating a GitLab repository, but it does seem to support wiki migration. To test and play around with Gitea, you could always just install it using Docker Installation with Docker | Gitea Documentation and if you don’t like it just delete the Docker containers.

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thanks, finally got it migrated the only odd thing is that i cant seem to edit the wiki in the GITEA like i used to do it on gitlab