Migrate ~1000 mirrors into Gitea


I have a list with ~1000 URLs to external projects which I will add to my local Gite instace for mirroring.

Is there an “easy” way to do this? I have the URL, project name and the org name where the project should be added.



You can do it with api and migrate option. We have do it to import our svn forge.
You can check how we do it on https://git.spip.net/spip-contrib-outils/importToGitea/src/branch/master/ImportOneRepository.sh#L119-L131

It’s very specific to our ecosystem but could be give some idea.

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Thx. I’m using small Python script for this.


I’ve forgotten, in api clone_address is local to server. We can’t import repository directly from outside.
Then first we do a normal clone and after it’s imported with api.

Gitea v1.13 will have a new feature adopt repositories. That means just put all your git repositories on the right places on the server and then click a button on the admin panel. it will import them automatically.

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