Migrate from git to gitea

Hi I am new to Gitea.
I am trying to migrate my old git repo’s to Gitea I only used the command line and git bash never a web git Application like gitea.
I tried to migrate my nagios repo that I have on the same server into gitea but it dosn’t work and everywhere I look I only find migration between Github and Gitea.
Can somebody help me with that?

You have a few options here.

  1. You can set IMPORT_LOCAL_PATHS to true in the [security] section of your app.ini and then migrate them from a local path.
    Link to docs for IMPORT_LOCAL_PATHS
  2. You can set Gitea as a new remote from a checked out repository and then push.
    git remote add gitea https://my.gitea/user/repo.git and git push gitea --all && git push gitea --tags

If you do the latter, you can either create the repo first in the web UI, or enable push-to-create, in which Gitea will create non-existent repositories for you when you first push to them.

I’ve set the IMPORT_LOCAL_PATHS to true and restarted Gitea service.
Now, how the migration can be done, please?

I think you can just input the repository path on the server into the box and click import?