Mermaid markdown not displaying

I see that the mermaid.js library was added to gitea v 1.13. Is anybody able to get this working?

For example, I thought all I had to do was include markdown like this:


[*] → Active

state Active {
[*] → NumLockOff
NumLockOff → NumLockOn : EvNumLockPressed
NumLockOn → NumLockOff : EvNumLockPressed


and it should display a nice looking mermaid chart. Instead, I just see the block being displayed as if it were code.

Is anybody else having this issue?

Just tried on a wiki page in v1.13, it works pretty well:

graph TD
Start --> End

Then hit the “Preview” button to see the graph.

Aha! Thanks for confirmation that it works.

Turns out my problem was that I had a custom markdown configuration that uses pandoc to render markdown. Once removed, mermaid now works…now I just have to remember why I was using pandoc in the first place!