How to start gitea on boot?

it seems like a easy question,but very strange.
first declare my config.
archlinux,pacman -S gitea.there is gitea.service already,thanks to maintainer and everyone.
i install the btrfs system,and i want to keep repos in btrfs system,try a taste of snapshot of btrfs.
then,run gitea,yes just gitea,not gitea web or systemctl start gitea,fool choice,so fixed it.gitea -c /gitea/app.ini.
i change the every path in app.ini.

; This file lists the default values used by Gitea
; Copy required sections to your own app.ini (default is custom/conf/app.ini)
; and modify as needed.
; see for additional documentation.
; App name that shows in every page title
APP_NAME = Gitea: Git with a cup of tea
; Change it if you run locally
RUN_USER = gitea
; Either “dev”, “prod” or “test”, default is “dev”
RUN_MODE = prod

ROOT                      = /gitea/repos
SCRIPT_TYPE               = bash
; Default ANSI charset
ANSI_CHARSET              = 
; Force every new repository to be private
FORCE_PRIVATE             = false
; Default privacy setting when creating a new repository, allowed values: last, private, public. Default is last which means the last setting used.
DEFAULT_PRIVATE           = last
; Global limit of repositories per user, applied at creation time. -1 means no limit
; Mirror sync queue length, increase if mirror syncing starts hanging
; Patch test queue length, increase if pull request patch testing starts hanging
; Preferred Licenses to place at the top of the List
; The name here must match the filename in conf/license or custom/conf/license
PREFERRED_LICENSES        = Apache License 2.0,MIT License
; Disable the ability to interact with repositories using the HTTP protocol
DISABLE_HTTP_GIT          = false
; Force ssh:// clone url instead of scp-style uri when default SSH port is used
USE_COMPAT_SSH_URI        = false

; List of file extensions for which lines should be wrapped in the CodeMirror editor
; Separate extensions with a comma. To line wrap files without an extension, just put a comma
LINE_WRAP_EXTENSIONS   = .txt,.md,.markdown,.mdown,.mkd,
; Valid file modes that have a preview API associated with them, such as api/v1/markdown
; Separate the values by commas. The preview tab in edit mode won't be displayed if the file extension doesn't match

; Path for local repository copy. Defaults to `tmp/local-repo`
LOCAL_COPY_PATH = /gitea/tmp/local-repo
; Path for local wiki copy. Defaults to `tmp/local-wiki`
LOCAL_WIKI_PATH = /gitea/tmp/local-wiki

; Whether repository file uploads are enabled. Defaults to `true`
ENABLED       = true
; Path for uploads. Defaults to `data/tmp/uploads` (tmp gets deleted on gitea restart)
TEMP_PATH     = /gitea/data/tmp/uploads
; One or more allowed types, e.g. image/jpeg|image/png. Nothing means any file type
; Max size of each file in megabytes. Defaults to 3MB
; Max number of files per upload. Defaults to 5
MAX_FILES     = 5

; List of prefixes used in Pull Request title to mark them as Work In Progress

; Number of repositories that are displayed on one explore page
; Number of issues that are displayed on one page
; Number of maximum commits displayed in one activity feed
; Number of maximum commits displayed in commit graph.
; Number of line of codes shown for a code comment
; Value of `theme-color` meta tag, used by Android >= 5.0
; An invalid color like "none" or "disable" will have the default style
; More info:
; Max size of files to be displayed (default is 8MiB)
; Whether the email of the user should be shown in the Explore Users page
SHOW_USER_EMAIL       = true
; Set the default theme for the Gitea install
DEFAULT_THEME         = gitea

; Number of users that are displayed on one page
; Number of repos that are displayed on one page
; Number of notices that are displayed on one page
; Number of organizations that are displayed on one page

; Number of repos that are displayed on one page

AUTHOR      = Gitea - Git with a cup of tea
DESCRIPTION = Gitea (Git with a cup of tea) is a painless self-hosted Git service written in Go
KEYWORDS    = go,git,self-hosted,gitea

; Enable hard line break extension
; List of custom URL-Schemes that are allowed as links when rendering Markdown
; for example git,magnet
; List of file extensions that should be rendered/edited as Markdown
; Separate the extensions with a comma. To render files without any extension as markdown, just put a comma
FILE_EXTENSIONS        = .md,.markdown,.mdown,.mkd

; The protocol the server listens on. One of 'http', 'https', 'unix' or 'fcgi'.
PROTOCOL                   = http
DOMAIN                     = localhost
ROOT_URL                   = http://localhost:3000/
; The address to listen on. Either a IPv4/IPv6 address or the path to a unix socket.
HTTP_ADDR                  =
HTTP_PORT                  = 3000
; If REDIRECT_OTHER_PORT is true, and PROTOCOL is set to https an http server
; will be started on PORT_TO_REDIRECT and it will redirect plain, non-secure http requests to the main
; ROOT_URL.  Defaults are false for REDIRECT_OTHER_PORT and 80 for
REDIRECT_OTHER_PORT        = false
PORT_TO_REDIRECT           = 80
; Permission for unix socket
; Local (DMZ) URL for Gitea workers (such as SSH update) accessing web service.
; In most cases you do not need to change the default value.
; Alter it only if your SSH server node is not the same as HTTP node.
; Do not set this variable if PROTOCOL is set to 'unix'.
LOCAL_ROOT_URL             = %(PROTOCOL)s://%(HTTP_ADDR)s:%(HTTP_PORT)s/
; Disable SSH feature when not available
DISABLE_SSH                = false
; Whether to use the builtin SSH server or not.
START_SSH_SERVER           = false
; Username to use for the builtin SSH server. If blank, then it is the value of RUN_USER.
; Domain name to be exposed in clone URL
SSH_DOMAIN                 = localhost
; THe network interface the builtin SSH server should listen on
SSH_LISTEN_HOST            = 
; Port number to be exposed in clone URL
SSH_PORT                   = 22
; The port number the builtin SSH server should listen on
SSH_LISTEN_PORT            = %(SSH_PORT)s
; Root path of SSH directory, default is '~/.ssh', but you have to use '/home/git/.ssh'.
SSH_ROOT_PATH              = 
; For the built-in SSH server, choose the ciphers to support for SSH connections,
; for system SSH this setting has no effect
SSH_SERVER_CIPHERS         = aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr,, arcfour256, arcfour128
; For the built-in SSH server, choose the key exchange algorithms to support for SSH connections,
; for system SSH this setting has no effect
SSH_SERVER_KEY_EXCHANGES   = diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, diffie-hellman-group14-sha1, ecdh-sha2-nistp256, ecdh-sha2-nistp384, ecdh-sha2-nistp521,
; For the built-in SSH server, choose the MACs to support for SSH connections,
; for system SSH this setting has no effect
SSH_SERVER_MACS            =, hmac-sha2-256, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha1-96
; Directory to create temporary files in when testing public keys using ssh-keygen,
; default is the system temporary directory.
SSH_KEY_TEST_PATH          = 
; Path to ssh-keygen, default is 'ssh-keygen' which means the shell is responsible for finding out which one to call.
SSH_KEYGEN_PATH            = ssh-keygen
; Enable SSH Authorized Key Backup when rewriting all keys, default is true
; Enable exposure of SSH clone URL to anonymous visitors, default is false
; Indicate whether to check minimum key size with corresponding type
; Disable CDN even in "prod" mode
OFFLINE_MODE               = false
DISABLE_ROUTER_LOG         = false
; Generate steps:
; $ ./gitea cert -ca=true -duration=8760h0m0s
; Or from a .pfx file exported from the Windows certificate store (do
; not forget to export the private key):
; $ openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -out cert.pem -nokeys
; $ openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -out key.pem -nocerts -nodes
CERT_FILE                  = /gitea/custom/https/cert.pem
KEY_FILE                   = /gitea/custom/https/key.pem
; Root directory containing templates and static files.
; default is the path where Gitea is executed
STATIC_ROOT_PATH           = 
; Default path for App data
APP_DATA_PATH              = /gitea/data
; Application level GZIP support
ENABLE_GZIP                = false
; Application profiling (memory and cpu)
; For "web" command it listens on localhost:6060
; For "serve" command it dumps to disk at PPROF_DATA_PATH as (cpuprofile|memprofile)_<username>_<temporary id>
ENABLE_PPROF               = false
; PPROF_DATA_PATH, use an absolute path when you start gitea as service
PPROF_DATA_PATH            = /gitea/data/tmp/pprof
; Landing page, can be "home", "explore", or "organizations"
LANDING_PAGE               = home
; Enables git-lfs support. true or false, default is false.
LFS_START_SERVER           = true
; Where your lfs files reside, default is data/lfs.
LFS_CONTENT_PATH           = /gitea/data/lfs
; LFS authentication secret, change this yourself
LFS_JWT_SECRET             = 70w5y9G0HuKoIWN6YgR2MtQ2JZJRXWSwbm25zXOyrkQ
; LFS authentication validity period (in time.Duration), pushes taking longer than this may fail.

; Define allowed algorithms and their minimum key length (use -1 to disable a type)
ED25519 = 256
ECDSA   = 256
RSA     = 2048
DSA     = 1024

; Either "mysql", "postgres", "mssql" or "sqlite3", it's your choice
DB_TYPE             = sqlite3
HOST                =
NAME                = gitea
USER                = gitea
; Use PASSWD = `your password` for quoting if you use special characters in the password.
PASSWD              = otxislucky
; For Postgres, either "disable" (default), "require", or "verify-full"
; For MySQL, either "false" (default), "true", or "skip-verify"
SSL_MODE            = disable
; For "sqlite3" and "tidb", use an absolute path when you start gitea as service
PATH                = data/gitea.db
; For "sqlite3" only. Query timeout
; For iterate buffer, default is 50
; Show the database generated SQL
LOG_SQL             = true

ISSUE_INDEXER_PATH   = /gitea/indexers/issues.bleve
; repo indexer by default disabled, since it uses a lot of disk space
REPO_INDEXER_PATH    = /gitea/indexers/repos.bleve
MAX_FILE_SIZE        = 1048576

; Disallow regular (non-admin) users from creating organizations.

; Whether the installer is disabled
INSTALL_LOCK                      = true
SECRET_KEY                        = s7NUOqBVx1cp0XQflY1UJtHDg5IVhncSmbXyno3foUEHEvZ84r8n4r9eA7dd5ah9
; How long to remember that an user is logged in before requiring relogin (in days)
LOGIN_REMEMBER_DAYS               = 7
COOKIE_USERNAME                   = gitea_awesome
COOKIE_REMEMBER_NAME              = gitea_incredible
; Reverse proxy authentication header name of user name
; The minimum password length for new Users
MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH               = 6
; True when users are allowed to import local server paths
IMPORT_LOCAL_PATHS                = false
; Prevent all users (including admin) from creating custom git hooks
DISABLE_GIT_HOOKS                 = false
INTERNAL_TOKEN                    = eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJuYmYiOjE1NDQ3NzM2NjF9.emCVxDNt6OaOE1laYMJRPaOyUDxpdgGThGrvzS8jVHk

; ; OpenID is an open, standard and decentralized authentication protocol.
; Your identity is the address of a webpage you provide, which describes
; how to prove you are in control of that page.
; For more info:
; Current implementation supports OpenID-2.0
; Tested to work providers at the time of writing:
;  - Any GNUSocial node (your.hostname.tld/username)
;  - Any SimpleID provider (
;  -
;  -
;  -
;  - <username>
; Whether to allow signin in via OpenID
; Whether to allow registering via OpenID
; Do not include to rely on rhw DISABLE_REGISTRATION setting
; Allowed URI patterns (POSIX regexp).
; Space separated.
; Only these would be allowed if non-blank.
; Example value:
; Forbidden URI patterns (POSIX regexp).
; Space separated.
; Only used if WHITELISTED_URIS is blank.
; Example value:*spammer

; Time limit to confirm account/email registration
ACTIVE_CODE_LIVE_MINUTES                      = 180
; Time limit to perform the reset of a forgotten password
; Whether a new user needs to confirm their email when registering.
REGISTER_EMAIL_CONFIRM                        = false
; Disallow registration, only allow admins to create accounts.
DISABLE_REGISTRATION                          = false
; Allow registration only using third part services, it works only when DISABLE_REGISTRATION is false
; User must sign in to view anything.
REQUIRE_SIGNIN_VIEW                           = false
; Mail notification
ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL                            = false
; More detail:
; Enable captcha validation for registration
ENABLE_CAPTCHA                                = false
; Type of captcha you want to use. Options: image, recaptcha
CAPTCHA_TYPE                                  = image
; Enable recaptcha to use Google's recaptcha service
; Go to to sign up for a key
RECAPTCHA_SECRET                              = 
RECAPTCHA_SITEKEY                             = 
; Default value for KeepEmailPrivate
; Each new user will get the value of this setting copied into their profile
DEFAULT_KEEP_EMAIL_PRIVATE                    = false
; Default value for AllowCreateOrganization
; Every new user will have rights set to create organizations depending on this setting
; Default value for EnableDependencies
; Repositories will use depencies by default depending on this setting
DEFAULT_ENABLE_DEPENDENCIES                   = true
; Enable Timetracking
ENABLE_TIMETRACKING                           = true
; Default value for EnableTimetracking
; Repositories will use timetracking by default depending on this setting
DEFAULT_ENABLE_TIMETRACKING                   = true
; Default value for AllowOnlyContributorsToTrackTime
; Only users with write permissions can track time if this is true
; Default value for the domain part of the user's email address in the git log
; if he has set KeepEmailPrivate to true. The user's email will be replaced with a
; concatenation of the user name in lower case, "@" and NO_REPLY_ADDRESS.
NO_REPLY_ADDRESS                              =

; Hook task queue length, increase if webhook shooting starts hanging
QUEUE_LENGTH    = 1000
; Deliver timeout in seconds
; Allow insecure certification
; Number of history information in each page
PAGING_NUM      = 10

ENABLED            = false
; Buffer length of channel, keep it as it is if you don't know what it is.
; Name displayed in mail title
SUBJECT            = %(APP_NAME)s
; Mail server
; Gmail:
; QQ:
; Note, if the port ends with "465", SMTPS will be used. Using STARTTLS on port 587 is recommended per RFC 6409. If the server supports STARTTLS it will always be used.
HOST               = 
; Disable HELO operation when hostnames are different.
; Custom hostname for HELO operation, if no value is provided, one is retrieved from system.
; Do not verify the certificate of the server. Only use this for self-signed certificates
SKIP_VERIFY        = 
; Use client certificate
CERT_FILE          = /gitea/custom/mailer/cert.pem
KEY_FILE           = /gitea/custom/mailer/key.pem
; Mail from address, RFC 5322. This can be just an email address, or the `"Name" <>` format
FROM               = 
; Mailer user name and password
USER               = 
; Use PASSWD = `your password` for quoting if you use special characters in the password.
PASSWD             = 
; Send mails as plain text
; Enable sendmail (override SMTP)
USE_SENDMAIL       = false
; Specify an alternative sendmail binary
SENDMAIL_PATH      = sendmail
; Specify any extra sendmail arguments

; Either "memory", "redis", or "memcache", default is "memory"
ADAPTER  = memory
; For "memory" only, GC interval in seconds, default is 60
; For "redis" and "memcache", connection host address
; redis: network=tcp,addr=:6379,password=macaron,db=0,pool_size=100,idle_timeout=180
; memcache: ``
HOST     = 
; Time to keep items in cache if not used, default is 16 hours.
; Setting it to 0 disables caching
ITEM_TTL = 16h

; Either "memory", "file", or "redis", default is "memory"
PROVIDER          = file
; Provider config options
; memory: doesn't have any config yet
; file: session file path, e.g. `data/sessions`
; redis: network=tcp,addr=:6379,password=macaron,db=0,pool_size=100,idle_timeout=180
; mysql: go-sql-driver/mysql dsn config string, e.g. `root:password@/session_table`
PROVIDER_CONFIG   = /gitea/data/sessions
; Session cookie name
COOKIE_NAME       = i_like_gitea
; If you use session in https only, default is false
COOKIE_SECURE     = false
; Enable set cookie, default is true
; Session GC time interval in seconds, default is 86400 (1 day)
; Session life time in seconds, default is 86400 (1 day)

AVATAR_UPLOAD_PATH      = /gitea/data/avatars
; Max Width and Height of uploaded avatars. This is to limit the amount of RAM
; used when resizing the image.
AVATAR_MAX_WIDTH        = 4096
AVATAR_MAX_HEIGHT       = 3072
; Chinese users can choose "duoshuo"
; or a custom avatar source, like:
GRAVATAR_SOURCE         = gravatar
; This value will always be true in offline mode.
DISABLE_GRAVATAR        = false
; Federated avatar lookup uses DNS to discover avatar associated
; with emails, see
; This value will always be false in offline mode or when Gravatar is disabled.

; Whether attachments are enabled. Defaults to `true`
ENABLED       = true
; Path for attachments. Defaults to `data/attachments`
PATH          = /gitea/data/attachments
; One or more allowed types, e.g. image/jpeg|image/png
ALLOWED_TYPES = image/jpeg|image/png|application/zip|application/gzip
; Max size of each file. Defaults to 4MB
MAX_SIZE      = 4
; Max number of files per upload. Defaults to 5
MAX_FILES     = 5

; Specifies the format for fully outputted dates. Defaults to RFC1123
; Special supported values are ANSIC, UnixDate, RubyDate, RFC822, RFC822Z, RFC850, RFC1123, RFC1123Z, RFC3339, RFC3339Nano, Kitchen, Stamp, StampMilli, StampMicro and StampNano
; For more information about the format see

ROOT_PATH  = /gitea/log
; Either "console", "file", "conn", "smtp" or "database", default is "console"
; Use comma to separate multiple modes, e.g. "console, file"
MODE       = file
; Buffer length of the channel, keep it as it is if you don't know what it is.
BUFFER_LEN = 10000
; Either "Trace", "Debug", "Info", "Warn", "Error", "Critical", default is "Trace"
LEVEL      = Trace

; For "console" mode only

; For "file" mode only
LEVEL          = 
; This enables automated log rotate(switch of following options), default is true
LOG_ROTATE     = true
; Max number of lines in a single file, default is 1000000
MAX_LINES      = 1000000
; Max size shift of a single file, default is 28 means 1 << 28, 256MB
; Segment log daily, default is true
; delete the log file after n days, default is 7
MAX_DAYS       = 7

; For "conn" mode only
LEVEL            = 
; Reconnect host for every single message, default is false
; Try to reconnect when connection is lost, default is false
RECONNECT        = false
; Either "tcp", "unix" or "udp", default is "tcp"
PROTOCOL         = tcp
; Host address
ADDR             = 

; For "smtp" mode only
LEVEL     = 
; Name displayed in mail title, default is "Diagnostic message from server"
SUBJECT   = Diagnostic message from server
; Mail server
HOST      = 
; Mailer user name and password
USER      = 
; Use PASSWD = `your password` for quoting if you use special characters in the password.
PASSWD    = 
; Receivers, can be one or more, e.g.,

; For "database" mode only
; Either "mysql" or "postgres"
; Based on xorm, e.g.: root:root@localhost/gitea?charset=utf8
CONN   = 

; Enable running cron tasks periodically.
ENABLED      = true
; Run cron tasks when Gitea starts.
RUN_AT_START = false

; Update mirrors
SCHEDULE = @every 10m

; Repository health check
SCHEDULE = @every 24h
TIMEOUT  = 60s
; Arguments for command 'git fsck', e.g. "--unreachable --tags"
; see more on
ARGS     = 

; Check repository statistics
SCHEDULE     = @every 24h

; Clean up old repository archives
; Whether to enable the job
ENABLED      = true
; Whether to always run at least once at start up time (if ENABLED)
; Time interval for job to run
SCHEDULE     = @every 24h
; Archives created more than OLDER_THAN ago are subject to deletion
OLDER_THAN   = 24h

; Synchronize external user data (only LDAP user synchronization is supported)
; Synchronize external user data when starting server (default false)
RUN_AT_START    = false
; Interval as a duration between each synchronization (default every 24h)
SCHEDULE        = @every 24h
; Create new users, update existing user data and disable users that are not in external source anymore (default)
;   or only create new users if UPDATE_EXISTING is set to false

; Disables highlight of added and removed changes
; Max number of lines allowed in a single file in diff view
MAX_GIT_DIFF_LINES           = 1000
; Max number of allowed characters in a line in diff view
; Max number of files shown in diff view
MAX_GIT_DIFF_FILES           = 100
; Arguments for command 'git gc', e.g. "--aggressive --auto"
; see more on
GC_ARGS                      = 

; Operation timeout in seconds
MIRROR  = 300
CLONE   = 300
PULL    = 300
GC      = 60

; Default interval as a duration between each check
; Min interval as a duration must be > 1m
MIN_INTERVAL     = 10m

; Enables Swagger. True or false; default is true.
; Max number of items in a page

LANGS = en-US,zh-CN,zh-HK,zh-TW,de-DE,fr-FR,nl-NL,lv-LV,ru-RU,uk-UA,ja-JP,es-ES,pt-BR,pl-PL,bg-BG,it-IT,fi-FI,tr-TR,cs-CZ,sr-SP,sv-SE,ko-KR
NAMES = English,简体中文,繁體中文(香港),繁體中文(台灣),Deutsch,français,Nederlands,latviešu,русский,Українська,日本語,español,português do Brasil,polski,български,italiano,suomi,Türkçe,čeština,српски,svenska,한국어

; Used for datetimepicker
en-US = en
zh-CN = zh
zh-HK = zh-HK
zh-TW = zh-TW
de-DE = de
fr-FR = fr
nl-NL = nl
lv-LV = lv
ru-RU = ru
uk-UA = uk
ja-JP = ja
es-ES = es
pt-BR = pt-BR
pl-PL = pl
bg-BG = bg
it-IT = it
fi-FI = fi
tr-TR = tr
cs-CZ = cs-CZ
sr-SP = sr
sv-SE = sv
ko-KR = ko

; Extension mapping to highlight class
; e.g. .toml=ini

SHOW_FOOTER_BRANDING           = false
; Show version information about Gitea and Go in the footer
SHOW_FOOTER_VERSION            = true
; Show template execution time in the footer

ENABLED         = false
; List of file extensions that should be rendered by an external command
FILE_EXTENSIONS = .adoc,.asciidoc
; External command to render all matching extensions
RENDER_COMMAND  = asciidoc --out-file=- -
; Don't pass the file on STDIN, pass the filename as argument instead.
IS_INPUT_FILE   = false

and mkdir every dir.
chown gitea:gitea /gitea -R
write a
/usr/bin/gitea -c /gitea/app.ini

su gitea -s /gitea/
yes,it work.
sometime it tell the database is readonly,or whatever.i dont care now.(mysql give a error that i cant understand,except after the wired login error)

now,atfer confuse everyone,a file startupgitea.service is create.


su gitea -s “/gitea/”

,everything seems good,and tap /gitea/,it work.(of course chmod 777 /gitea/*)
but systemctl start startupgitea.service failed.and it give no crying.
please tell me what is wrong. thanks a lot.
what ever,i just…now …just …start up by hand.thats ok.

and if there some full document about gitea?im real confuse about gitea now.

Here is an example of systemd file:

thanks a lot,but it just didn’t work.whatever boot it manually wont be a bad idea.