Internal Server Error 500 on Site Administration Page

I have been running Gitea on my server with no issues for several months. Recently I logged in and navigated to the Site Administration page, and received a 500 Internal Server Error response. I tried restarting both the Gitea and Apache services with no luck. I do not see any error messages in the logs for either (there are not even log files present in the Gitea logs directory). I have verified that my database service (SQL Server for Linux) is still running. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Could you please explain how you are running Gitea? The log files have to be somewhere and it depends on your installation method.

Certainly. I installed Gitea from binary on a Fedora 34 server. Here is my config file with sensitive information removed:

APP_NAME = <app-name>
RUN_USER = <app-user>
RUN_MODE = prod

DB_TYPE  = mssql
HOST     = <db-host>
NAME     = <db-name>
USER     = <db-user>
PASSWD   = <password>
SSL_MODE = disable
CHARSET  = utf8
PATH     = <db-path>
LOG_SQL  = false

ROOT = <repo-root>

PROTOCOL         = https
ROOT_URL         = <root-url>
HTTP_PORT        = 3000
CERT_FILE        = <cert-file>
KEY_FILE         = <key-file>

LFS_CONTENT_PATH = <lfs-path>
LFS_JWT_SECRET   = <secret>

ENABLED = false

REGISTER_EMAIL_CONFIRM            = false
ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL                = false
DISABLE_REGISTRATION              = false
ENABLE_CAPTCHA                    = false
REQUIRE_SIGNIN_VIEW               = false
NO_REPLY_ADDRESS                  = noreply.localhost

DISABLE_GRAVATAR        = false



MODE      = console
LEVEL     = info
ROOT_PATH = /var/lib/gitea/log
ROUTER    = console

INSTALL_LOCK       = true

change RUN_MODE=dev and then refresh the page, it will display the error detail.

I did so, and got the following error message:

An error occurred:

template: admin/dashboard:8:90: executing “admin/dashboard” at : invalid value; expected string

I found this page indicating that this is a bug that was fixed in 1.16.1 (I am currently running 1.16.0). I am going to try updating and see if that fixes the problem.


Same here, running the latest and greatest version (docker way): 1.17.0+rc2

template: admin/repo/list:48:25: executing "admin/repo/list" at <.Owner.HomeLink>: error calling HomeLink: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

Hi @Zamana, Do you use custom templates at all?


Templates? No that I’m aware of…

I guess I’m using it plain-vanilla

I just found out now that “Explore” gives the same error:

template: explore/repo_list:29:19: executing “explore/repo_list” at <.Owner.Visibility.IsPrivate>: nil pointer evaluating *user.User.Visibility

Please confirm you haven’t a customized template. And since v1.17.0 is out, please upgrade to that version.

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My current version is 1.17.3, There are still problems.
I migrated gitea, and then this problem occurred, and the organization I created disappeared

I think maybe you have a custom template?


Version 1.17.4 and nothing has changed:

And before someone ask again: there’s no custom template.

UPDATE (for some reason I’m limited to 3 replies on the same topic. WHY???)

By the way (and I don’t know if this is relevant or no), on my first message (Jul 26) I was running Gitea in a docker.

Now, I’m running Gitea in a jail in FreeBSD.


I am absolutely confused by this: How do all of you manage to be logged out while visiting the admin page?
Because that’s what this error message translates to…
For the explore page I can at least understand it as you don’t need to be signed in for that, but for the admin page?