Integrate with / Tower's custom URL scheme?

I am using Gitea to host on a private server instead of storing proprietary data with GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket, etc. I had been using the excellent GUI before I made the transition from GitHub. I have two questions about using Gitea with

  • supports using custom git environments but only appears to provide support for basic authentication. Am I missing something that would allow me to use a Gitea-generated API token instead of basic authentication?

    • A follow-up question to this is that I cannot seem to view the SSH keys/repo list for my Gitea instance from within, but this is definitely functionality that is available to me for my connected GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket accounts. Does this have anything to do with the auth method?
  • supports the use of a custom URL scheme in order to launch the GUI and prompt to clone the repo then and there. Is there any way to customize the clone [URL] scheme to something like gittower://openRepo/<remote-repository-URL> so that I can easily clone my Gitea (remote) repos and work with them in the GUI?

Thanks for anyone’s input. BR/