Using Apple's Xcode Cloud with Gitea

I want to link my Gitea instance to Apple’s Xcode Cloud. BUT they only support GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. :cry:

SO… I was hoping someone else knew of a way to achive this by maybe tricking Xcode Cloud into believing it was talking to a GitLab instance (it doesn’t seem to like this as the Application ID needs to be 64 characters long and Gitea’s are shorter… Or maybe some other manual way of linking them I’ve not found…

So far my solution will be to link Xcode Cloud to GitHub and mirroring my repo there from Gitea but obviously that’s not idea (and I’ve not yet tested it even works!) :see_no_evil:

There are an issue but no response from Apple.

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Humm… 5 years old with no reply. Can’t imagine that’s happening any time soon!

Wonder if Gitea could “fake” GitLab’s API’s… :thinking:

Gitea’s API could be considered as fake GitHub Enterprise’s