Impossible to push or pull, either via SSH or HTTPS

I am struggling to set up my personal Gitea instance. In particular, my troubles are recorded here, and I do not know how to solve them:

Could you be so kind and point me out what may be missing?

This is my .gitconfig file:

	name		= Tommi
	email		= # not relevant
	user		= xplosionmind
        # not relevant
	excludesFile = ~/.gitignore
	autocrlf	= input
	editor		= nvim
	ui			= auto
[filter "lfs"]
	clean		= git-lfs clean -- %f
	smudg		= git-lfs smudge -- %f
	process		= git-lfs filter-process
	required	= true
	recurse		= true
	defaultBranch = main
	rebase = true
	submodule = log

How did you set up your Gitea instance and which version are you using?

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My Gitea instance is here, it is running version 1.14.5, and it is installed through YunoHost, hence I have not configured anything specific manually; I only modified the configuration panel from the GUI.

I uploaded my MacBook SSH key to the server already.

Still unable to figure out the problem. Apparently it is because of an outdated TLS version… (?)

git pull gitmi
fatal: unable to access '': error:1400442E:SSL routines:CONNECT_CR_SRVR_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version

My Gitea version is 1.15.7.

Your issue does not seem to be happening at the server level. Your gitea instance is working properly, at least at the https communication level:

Your SSL protocol config at seems fine, unless I am missing something:

Furthermore, you say you uploaded your SSH key, but you seem to be trying to clone using https. In order to use your SSH key you need to clone using the SSH url, but you do not seem to have SSH enabled on your server.

I would say you need to check/upgrade your git client on your MacBook.


I reinstalled git on my Mac, by running brew reinstall git, but nothing changes. Is there something more radical I should do?

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I would change your remote URLs. Go to the root of your project (in this case CSS), and execute:

git remote remove origin
git remote add origin ""
git pull
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If all the machines have the same problem?

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