How to update gitea to 1.14 from 1.11.0+dev


  • CentOS 8
  • 1.11.0+dev-252-g21ae9838e built with GNU Make 4.1, go1.13.4
  • mariadb 10.4.12


  • Is there any way to update gitea to a newer version(like 1.14)?

You need to install a new version of gitea following your desired installation approach.

To avoid DB hickups doing small increment updates should be done (first to 1.12, then 1.13, then 1.14 and so on).

我用的是 1.11.0 dev 版本,先升级到 1.11.0 正式版,再开始升级 ……

Sorry, I don’t speak chinese :slight_smile: