Gitea is stuck on Activating

I got a problem, today my gitea stopped and right now is stucked on activating.
I have debian 11 system and syslog looks like this:

I am facing the same issue as you, but with Ubuntu server, I reported my findings here:

I suspect the solution might be to set the Unit type=normal rather than notify. Hopefully someone will chime in to confirm whether I am correct

What I found is that the service is actually running, and you will be able to visit the ip:port URL to do the initial install - in fact, it seems if you do not do this, the suggested systemd unit file will not work correctly.

Once you have completed the install page, you will notice the log will have this
Nov 16 16:06:55 ubuntuserver systemd[1]: Started Gitea (Git with a cup of tea).

Doing the initial install page made the systemd unit file (which has type=notify) work… It would not work until I did that and seemingly the unit was stuck on activating, like yours is.

I hope this helps you

The Documentation really needs to make this clear to visit the URL when it looks like it’s stuck or gee willickers, they could flop up a link or a message to continue the installation in the browser :wink: I only found out to do this after watching Youtube videos.

Yeah, that’s not clear at all.
But my problem is kind of another because I already configured gitea. Then change address to https and now I have problem to start gitea :confused:

Yeah, that’s a bit tricky. Originally I installed Letsencrypt on the gitea machine which I got working, but not when I put the public reverse proxy in front of it. I ended up just leaving it at port 3000 non-SSL and putting Boringproxy in front of it that converts it to a different hostname with valid SSL and publicly visible.

To do this I used the Oracle Cloud Free tier which gives you two free VM’s with public IP addresses. I needed a domain name I could set to wildcard in my cPanel as per boring’s instruction video. I haven’t done any write-up on it, but I did save my configs for two different gitea/boringproxy servers on my new publicly available gitea servers. It’s a lot to grasp at first, but I kept at it. Here is my public repository for the config files. These machines are running on my NAT’d virtual machines at home, but maybe it will help you on your path. I do run my own Bind9 DNS servers in VM’s at home. Now I’m throwing up repositories to public on home computer. Links:

How-to Oracle Cloud Free Tier (Don’t do part II of building Load Balancer, that incurs fees that keep going after the trial is over. Also, skip installing NGINX in part 1 if you use boringproxy like I did. Probably much easier if you just need a proxy. runs on the Oracle Cloud VM, is at my home):