How do I use the "Copy branch name" button?

Here is a randomly selected PR: #292 - Some new plants including badland plants. - Exile -

When I press the “Copy branch name” button I get:

How do I use that?

It seems like it would be much better if I got:
git fetch hxxps:// badland-plants
(I had to replace the t’s with x’s because the forum software was messing it up.)

That would be useful to fetch and test a PR.

This might help.

You could also suggest other useful commands (if enough people like)

Thank you. That is good to know.

That info does not appear on the PRs of some repos for some reason. Different repo settings I guess. I will have to do some research. Here is an example of a PR on Codeberg with no git command help:

But that doesn’t answer my question about the use of the “Copy branch name” button.

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The “copy branch name” : it’s related to Source branch reference should probably be `user/repo` · Issue #20408 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub , no conclusion yet.

There are different use cases for it.

Copy the user/repo:banch pattern to construct compare URLs manually.

You’re saying it’s used for git diff? That would explain it.

Thanks for making that PR that makes the command line instructions show up even if there are merge conflicts.

I just wish that info showed up at the top not the bottom.