[SOLVED] Using Gitea with VS Code

Hey, i’m a new user that didn’t used git or something similar.
I installed mysql db and git, and running gitea from a windows machine.
Now my question is how i use gitea with the vs code?
I didn’t find anything about how to actually use it.
I created a repository in gitea but idk how to connect it with the vs code and how to push and pull to it and from it.

so if anybody here would help me out on how do i connect those two together will be amazing
thanks, Alex!

atleast some guide or something on how to use it

Yes use git clone and provide clone url that you can find in input box in code tab for that repository

You just have to follow the VSCode documentation Using Version Control in VS Code - Cloning a repository to connect your newly created repository with VS Code

thanks for the answers, it helped me!