How do I migrate contributions from gitea to github?

How do I migrate contributions from gitea to github? (Green squares)

I am not sure if you can migrate the past green squares, but you can migrate future ones.

  1. Create a new personal access token at GitHub iif you don’t have one already. It’s in GitHub settings, developer settings, personal access tokens (or in URL bar /settings/tokens/new ). I think the permission is repo:public_repo, but I haven’t documented this clearly, and keep it somewhere at hand.
  2. Create a new repository at GitHub. Don’t initialise the repository though (don’t add LICENSE or README file), I am not sure if it would result to an error later or if Gitea just overwrote it.
  3. Go to settings of your Gitea repository and scroll to mirrors.
  4. Enter the GitHub HTTPS clone address to Git Remote Repository URL
  5. Open the authorization menu (just below it)
  6. Set username as your GitHub username and the PAT you made at step 1 as the password.
  7. Maybe enable “Sync when commits are pushed”, I am not sure if I have seen that before and if you want, adjust the sync interval.
  8. Press the “Add Push Mirror” button
  9. By default your commits should get pushed to GitHub every 8 hours, but you could also try the Sychnorize now button to see if it works.