How can I edit a post here on this discourse?

I made a typo in a post. I noticed it later but I can’t find an edit button. How can I edit a post here on this discourse?

First you’ll need to select the three dots at bottom of your post, then it’ll expand to show you the pencil icon.

Thanks @techknowlogick but those dots don’t appear on the top level post, the OP:

Looks like this:


Ah, looking at discourse documentation it seems it limits edit permissions to certain users (eg. moderators/admins). Feel free to PM me with a link to the post you’d like edited and the content you’d like changed and I can help you with that.

@techknowlogick, How do I PM? I went to your profile page. I don’t see a message button. I found a place to write messages and I get this error:


That’s rather unusual, I’ve received PMs in past, maybe Discourse has added some restrictions. Can you email me at in that case.

Perhaps editing is time limited as I see that you were able to edit the post above this?