Cant search issues after gogs migration


I’ve migrated from gogs 0.11.29 to gitea 1.2.3. I reset my gogs db version from 17 to 14, as noted here and gitea issues, and the migration seems to work and all issues seem to be there. However, when I search on anything, I get 0 results. I tried works in issue title and in the text of first issue.

If I create a new repo and new issues, search does work.

Any ideas on how to fix search for the migrated repo?


Try deleting issues index directory and restart gitea server. Than it will reindex everything

That worked, thanks!

Hello, I have tried this as well and looks like it worked. I am using Gitea version 1.14.2 Was this ever fixed so that we do not have to do it manually every time there is a new migration?