Githooks missing after Upgrade to 1.19.3

Hi Support,

After Upgrading to Version 1.19.3 we can’t find githooks anymore.

We tried to add the following parameter to app.ini


and restarted gitea, but it is still missing.

Any idea what went wrong?

Many thanks and best regards,

In your site admin page, there should be a button Re-initialize git hooks or something like that should help exactly with that.

Unfortunately there is no reinitialize button for git hooks in the site administration.

We triggered the following two tasks as well, but it had no effect on the missing git hooks:

  • Resynchronize pre-receive, update and post-receive hooks of all repositories.
  • Reinitialize all missing Git repositories for which records exist

Thanks and best regards,

Could you please clarify what you mean by “there are no githooks anymore” then?
Resynchronize pre-receive, update and post-receive hooks of all repositories is most likely the button I meant.

In the repo settings itself, there was a tab “git hooks” and this one is missing in our case:


is not the setting. it should be under [security]. See Config Cheat Sheet | Gitea Documentation (linked to the security section) for more details.

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perfect, that’s the solution. Many thanks for your help :slight_smile: