Git push --follow-tags not following-tags?

NOTE : my issue might be more of a git issue than gitea, but who knows ? ChatGPT agrees with me, and everybody knows that ChatGPT is always right… right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Using gitea 1.21.0

I have this (locally-hosted, heavily customized Docker container) gitea server at home, that I have been using forever.

Tonight I’ve created a new repo where for now, me, the admin, Gitea’s God, is the sole user. More users will come once I publish the repo.

I’ve initialized the repo, git add/commit/push to it, no issue.

Then I was ready for a pre-release tag:

  • Modified a file
  • git tag “0.00.01”
  • git tag -l ----> my tag shows
  • git add .
  • git commit -m ‘my commit message’
  • git push --follow-tags origin → origin is the correct endoint.

And nothing happens on the backend (gitea) !
git tag -l shows the tag, which I assume is still local, but gitea’s webUI shows no tag.

Where am I screwing up ?

Fixed it. tag -a … I had forgotten the -a -m !!!

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