Feature Request: Profile Customization

I’m writing to request the prioritization of adding some features around profile customization. GitHub recently added the feature where if you create a repo under a given username with the same name as the username (e.g. github.com/sneak/sneak), the README.md file in that repository will be displayed at the top of the user’s profile (e.g. github.com/sneak).

Additionally, GitHub allows users to pin repositories to the top of their profile, a feature already requested of Gitea:

The reason I’m writing and asking for the prioritization of these features is because I believe they’re very important - many users use their profile pages as de-facto homepages (or second homepages), and being able to put a markdown file at the top or pin repositories at the top is critical to presenting one’s important information and best work to people visiting the profile for the first time, such as potential employers or clients.

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@sneak Hello, Suggest create an issue on gh. Thanks :slight_smile: