Export format for Gitea


It would be useful to have an export format for Gitea, similar to what GitLab has. It could be used to import projects in other Gitea instances, as an alternative to migrating from an existing Gitea instance via the API.

The GitLab export format would be a good starting point but it is not documented which makes it unsuitable for anything but exchanging data between GitLab instances.

In the context of the fedeproxy project a file format is developed and used as a pivot to exchange data between forges (issues, etc.).


It would make sense for fedeproxy and Gitea to share the effort to develop that format and I’m intend to work on this in the coming months. Unless someone think it is useless for some reason?


This seems to be an export/import feature. I’ll take a closer look.

Update it dumps the result of a migration into YAML files that reflect the content of the database. These YAML files can then be imported, as if they were the result of the migration. This is a possible starting point for a format, even though it is currently undocumented and therefore internal only.

yes, what you’ve found is indeed the export/import machine readable format. It is how we are migrating away from github. As what we do is export from github to disk, the import into gitea. The two step process is to keep the steps close to servers for best network performance (although for repos that don’t have 17k+ issues/PRs, the web based migration is more than suitable).

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Currently, it’s a private format. But I wish someday we can make it as a standard.

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