Executing in git push command the console does not update interactively when loaded into gitea

We have post-update enabled

branch=$(git rev-parse --symbolic --abbrev-ref $1)
echo Update pushed to branch $branch

echo Попытка обновления ветки $branch
if [[ $branch = “Testing”] || [ $branch = “testing_net_5_0” ]];
cd /work/Ansible
git --git-dir=.git pull
ansible-playbook -i production2 test_taxiapi.yml --vault-password-file /work/vault.txt

After the push is executed, the “ansible-playbook -i production2 test_taxiapi.yml --vault-password-file” is executed /work/vault.txt ".But the console prints the output of this processing is output only at the end, everything at once. And it is not clear what is happening at this time. It needs to output messages during processing,
Before switching to gitea from git, this worked
I will be glad of any ideas