Every 10s a log entry [SQL]

I’ve foud a post in the forum ([solved] New entery in log file every 10 seconds) marked as closed, but i do not understand how I could resolve the problem by the answer given in this post.

I understand that this has to do with the notifications but I could not figure out, how to stop gitea from spamming the logfile with entries like this every 10seconds
“2021/01/05 17:13:30 …rm@v1.0.5/core/db.go:286:afterProcess() [I] [SQL] SELECT user_id, count(*) AS count FROM notification WHERE user_id IN (SELECT user_id FROM notification WHERE updated_unix >= ? AND updated_unix < ?) AND sta tus = ? GROUP BY user_id [1609863198 1609863208 1] - 2.785066ms”

The solution in the post mentioned above simply states “It’s normal when a user stays in the notification interface.” but this is not too helpful for me, stopping gitea writing to the logfile.

Also I would not know how to leave the notification interface, I’m the only user on the server, and this entry appears even if I’m not logged in to the sever (I did not log out though, but shut down the computer accessing the webinterface)

Maybe someone can explain this to me

thanks in advance and sorry for bringing up a supposedly closed topic

Gitea uses service workers to establish a connection between the browser and server, so it is possible there is another device that you have logged in with that is still running that serviceworker.

If you’d like to disable logging of SQL please refer to the logging documentation https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/logging-configuration/ where it’ll give you information on where to disable SQL logging (look for LOG_SQL = false, which needs to be set in the database section of your config).