After upgrading to 1.13.0, cannot login

Would really appreciate some help with this as I can’t really use Gitea right now (and can’t downgrade).

I’ll repeat what I wrote on the GitHub issue (without some links as I’m only allowed to include 2 links in this post lol…):

  • Gitea version (or commit ref): 1.13.0
  • Git version: 2.29.2
  • Operating system: Parabola GNU/Linux
  • I’m using Gitea via the Helm chart, on my server running k3s.
  • Database (use [x]):
    • [x] PostgreSQL
    • [ ] MySQL
    • [ ] MSSQL
    • [ ] SQLite
  • Log gist:
[Macaron] 2020-12-03 22:12:20: Started POST /user/login for
2020/12/03 22:12:20 [I] [SQL] SELECT "id", "type", "name", "is_actived", "is_sync_enabled", "cfg", "created_unix", "updated_unix" FROM "login_source" WHERE (is_actived = $1 and type = $2) [true 6] - 795.229µs
2020/12/03 22:12:20 [I] [SQL] SELECT "id", "type", "name", "is_actived", "is_sync_enabled", "cfg", "created_unix", "updated_unix" FROM "login_source" WHERE (is_actived = $1 and type = $2) [true 7] - 579.519µs
2020/12/03 22:12:20 [I] [SQL] SELECT "id", "lower_name", "name", "full_name", "email", "keep_email_private", "email_notifications_preference", "passwd", "passwd_hash_algo", "must_change_password", "login_type", "login_source", "login_name", "type", "location", "website", "rands", "salt", "language", "description", "created_unix", "updated_unix", "last_login_unix", "last_repo_visibility", "max_repo_creation", "is_active", "is_admin", "is_restricted", "allow_git_hook", "allow_import_local", "allow_create_organization", "prohibit_login", "avatar", "avatar_email", "use_custom_avatar", "num_followers", "num_following", "num_stars", "num_repos", "num_teams", "num_members", "visibility", "repo_admin_change_team_access", "diff_view_style", "theme", "keep_activity_private" FROM "user" WHERE "lower_name"=$1 LIMIT 1 [sseneca] - 860.604µs
[Macaron] 2020-12-03 22:12:20: Completed POST /user/login 200 OK in 29.759793ms
2020/12/03 22:12:20 routers/user/auth.go:177:SignInPost() [I] Failed authentication attempt for sseneca from


After updating to v1.13.0, I can no longer login to to my account on my two-account Gitea instance. The account is the only admin account and also has 2FA enabled. The other account logs in fine, is not an admin, and does not have 2FA enabled.

Whilst it didn’t appear in the above logs, other times when I’ve tried I’ve also seen this line:

Unable to negotiate with port 62090: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1,diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 [preauth]

Not sure if it’s relevant though because like I said it didn’t appear when I tried in the above logs.

Also note that I’ve read this thread but after checking the account in the database is_active is t.