Error When Cloning via HTTPS

Hi all,

I got an Windows Server on local network that is not available online and its accessed via Hostname.

The server is running Apache with an Self Signed Certificate. We access Gitea over an reverse proxy in Apache from ‘https://serverhostname/gitea’ resource to port 3000 (where gitea service is running).

We want to use https on the local network, but when I tried to clone an repository, I got the following error message:

fatal: unable to access 'https://serverhostname/gitea/marcos.baesse/teste.git/': schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT (0x80090325) - The certification chain was issued by an entity that is unreliable.

What should I do to fix this?

This should be a cert problem on your reverse proxy. maybe set git config --global http.sslVerify false on every client side to solve the issue.


Thanks. That helps a lot. I have searched for how to make an self signature trusted, but it seems be not possible as our server is acessible only in the local network, it does not has an public address. But with this, we can focus on have the work done and fix this problem with certificates later.