Eclipse egit push fails

On localhost I have installed and running a Gitea server instance.
On same machine I’m using eclipse as a Java-IDE with an Egit-Plugin to manage my Project.
I have already created a first Repository. The challenge now is to push my Eclipse Java project to this Gitea Repository:

The Repository “http://localhost:3000/gitea/base64engine-zero.git” should be used as target for the following git push operation. I want to do this push-operation with my Egit-Eclipse plugin.
I guess that I have to use Team Synchronizing.
How I can achieve this? Probably some preparation steps have to be done previously?
Any hints are very appreciated.

I’m confident that the eclipse git client needs a gitea user account i.e. an User-ID and a password. This user acount has to be created in the Gitea server instance. Unfortunately I have choosen a password that includes a hash character (#). My question now: passwords including hash character in gitea user account are indeed valid?

They are indeed valid.