Dual-homed Gitea server

We currently have a devops server in our live network that contains our git server. We have finally created an isolated test lab network where we will be fixing issues and testing new code.

In the bit of research I’ve done I have not seen a solution for pushing git data from our test lab to our live devops server or pulling from our live devops server to our isolated test lab network.

If we were to dual-home our live devops server (one network card on the live network and one in our test lab network) and install Gitea on it could we access this Gitea server from the two different networks? Or would we run into issues because they are on different ip addresses?

What we are trying to achieve is the ability to push changes from our test lab up to the git server for pull-requests/merging, and pulling current commits down from the server to our test lab for adding features and fixing issues.

thanks for your input

I think your use case will work fine. You will probably want to make sure that both networks use the same DNS name for Gitea because it can cause issues with things like email notifications and links shared (e.g., in Slack or whatever). Gitea will not break with multiple DNS names though, just things like webhook/email/some links will be incorrect (see: #22836).

I don’t think Gitea really cares about IP. I see two possible setups:

  • Two reverse proxies forwarding traffic to Gitea (say at, each binding on one of the two separate networks.
  • Gitea alone binding to, which will bind to all network interfaces. May need to use firewall rules to prevent unwanted access from additional interfaces.
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