Docker mirror via SSH?

I’m hoping to mirror Gitea on my VPS to Gitea at home via SSH, both are running in docker. By the look of the migration page, it seemingly wants public URL’s, which I don’t have. I’ve been using SSH keys up until now to sync each manually, but sometimes I forget to do both :-/. So, I’m open to any method regardless of execution.

  1. Do I generate the ssh key inside one of the Dockers, then copy the new key to inside of the other docker or should I adjust a volume path to read the system keys?

  2. I’m sure this will sound dumb, but when the migration page says make this repo a mirror, is the context directed at the the repo represented by the remote URL or the repo that will be hosted locally after mirroring?

Anyways, 6 months in with Gitea and loving it! Thank you for taking the time to create it!

Just a follow up… I never figured this out because I"m not sure where the cron job to clone/mirror goes in the docker or if it will interface with gitea’s routines properly even if I did :-/ I looked around inside the docker but couldn’t find it in there (it might be in the big gitea wad/file, not sure).

I did however setup the http server and the little gui form worked flawlessly the first time with the URL for all my repos, so thank you!!!