Docker Gitea, Config/Custom not updating

Hey there! I use docker to host my instance of Gitea. I changed something to the config file and in the custom folder, but when I restart my instance using docker-compose down and docker-compose up -d it stays the same and doesn’t update. Does anyone know what causes this and how can I avoid this?

My Gitea Version is Gitea Version: Gitea Version: 1.11.0+dev-399-g7f0d7c0a1, according to the page footer.

Does nobody have a solution for this? I really need this issue fixed…

Per the Custom directory in Docker image is /data/gitea (not /data/gitea/custom), and once you have that directory you can follow this page:

But the gitea Folder already has lots of folders and files like sessions, ssh, log, indexers etc. in them