How to update Gitea

I have one more query how to update the Gitea. I have running through windows services.

Hi @vbose1,

If you stop the service, then replace the gitea binary with a newer version (make sure the binary file is named the same), then start the service again.

Please make a backup of everything before you try this in case it doesn’t work out)

Hope this helps,

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If you end up using Docker on Windows this may be of use:

Thanks for reply.
I check Gitea download found there is a folder “master”", “1.5.0-dev” and “1.5.1” which have to pick and what are the difference between them.

master, is the very latest commit which means it could be unstable
1.5.1 is the most recent stable release
1.5.0-dev is pre-release candidate for 1.5.x branch and shouldn’t be used