Docker-compose gitea-rootless mkdir permission denied error

Get these errors when trying to use docker-compose and gitea-rootless.

I’ve followed the docs.
Tried adding
user: “<…>”
making the directory in host and giving everyone permission to it (which doesnt make sense ,I know)
messing around with the users & groups on the host etc.
tested gitea-rootless version 1.17.3 too.

By changing things and trying with and without named volumes I’ve been able to get these two msgs from the docker logs, where the mkdir error is by far the most often occuring:

/var/lib/gitea/git is not writable
mkdir: can’t create directory ‘/var/lib/gitea/git’: Permission denied

/var/lib/gitea/git is not writable
chmod: /var/lib/gitea/git: Operation not permitted

Im using docker version 20.10.21. and the latest gitea-rootless on ubuntu 22.04.

Did you manage to find a solution? I’m having the same problem.

No, chose another installation method. Good luck though :blush: