Dependant/chain/stacked PR support?

I’ve looked at the docs and messed about with the UI, but I can’t seem to find a way I can tell gitea that two PRs (or branches, or whatever) are dependant on one another to publish a PR “stack”.

e.g. I have commits: A → B → C → D, and I want to merge them all into repo remote/master. I can currently submit a PR for A, wait for merge, rebase, submit a PR for B, etc, but I’d rather submit a PR for A, then submit a PR for B and say this depends on A being merged, and I can’t find out a way to do this.

It’s entirely possible I’m using the wrong words to find this in the documentation, and if so, sorry!

There’s some mention of github supporting this here:

by setting the ‘base’ or a branch or PR, but I can’t find that in the UI, nor in the “tea” CLI in any obvious place.

Is this supported in gitea? Am I missing something obvious?

(to be clear, I’m also aware I can do a PR for A,B,C,D all in one PR, but I’d rather break my work up into logical units easier for the reviewer(s))