Continuous CPU use when no one connected

I have a gitea instance with only one private user, me.
I’m doing nothing, I wasn’t even connected (timed out) and gitea consumes up to 1% of the CPU (top).
There is not opened tcp connection. Is it possible to know what gitea is doing ?

Hi, if you have posted this on github. Could we close this one?

Hello, I didn’t posted this question on github.
Can’t I have an answer here ?

As a system administrator I would not be too concerned by a process that shows 1% CPU usage in top. I would be interested to see a Gitea dashboard that shows what it is up to but I don’t think that exists. It does not exist in GitLab either, AFAIK.

That’s not very helpful, but here it is :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this too, but it’s not specific to Gitea. This seems to be a general problem with Golang.

Not sure. I have another golang web site that I made my self and it doesn’t use CPU.
It is very simple though and doesn’t have a database. What I mean is that it isn’t golang’s fault.
There must be some active go routines that are specific to the gitea application. I’ll post an issue in gitea github.

EDIT: found an existing issue reporting the high CPU usage when idle: High Idle CPU usage (fresh install) · Issue #15542 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

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Is this still a problem?