Connection reset when clicking on repository or issue on a list

My current setup is Gitea 1.16.3 binary running on Centos 7 with postgres 13.
To test things out, I created an organization, it’s repository and an issue for that repo.

I’m unable to open repository and issue from certain locations in GUI. After a few seconds my browser shows Connection Reset, and there is no activity shown in any log after clicking on a link

For repository:

  • Opening repository from repository list on user’s dashboard doesn’t work
  • Selecting an organization and then selecting a repository from organization page works
    For Issue
  • Opening an issue from “Issues” page doesn’t work
  • Opening an issue from “Issues” pane in repository view doesn’t work
  • Opening an issue from a link in user’s dasboard ( opened issue ) works

What those failed cases seem to have in common is that those are some sort of a result lists for a search panel. Search functionality in all those cases work, but clicking links on the list does nothing.