Confused about the "OpenId tab"

I’m confused about this tab when you enable OAuth2 / OpenId:

I’ve enabled my OpenId provider (keycloak) without issue but I have no clue what it is used for nor what this “OpenId URI” might be.

I’m afraid this might be a security issue, so could someone enlight me, and maybe tell me how to remove it?


From my understanding, OpenID is sort of a generic “Login with [Google/Facebook/Apple/whatever]” system where users can choose/create their own authentication provider. So, when a user wants to login using OpenID, they need to specify which provider they want to use by providing its “OpenID URI”.

This is not a security issue, unless you want to restrict users to logging in only by Keycloak. You can do this by specifying WHITELISTED_URIS in config.ini, or you can disable OpenID entirely by deleting the [openid] block in config.ini. See the config cheat sheet for more info.