Setting user authentication source and sign-in name through CLI

I have configured Keycloak as OpenID provider in Gitea. Logging in with users defined in Keycloak requires identical users to be defined locally in Gitea, though I understand that better integration comes with the resolution of issues 7633 and 5123.

In the mean time: is there any possibility to configure the user with the correct authentication source and sign-in name through the CLI when creating the user? I do not see the options in the Usage: Command Line - Docs list op options…

You can do it via CLI, look for add-oauth admin subcommand on the page you linked (note: the page you linked is for 1.14-dev, and may be slightly different for most recent stable version of 1.13.3, please refer to CLI help text using -h when running gitea via command line)

Thx for the reply.
I did that for defining the Keycloak authentication source globally and that works perfectly fine.

However, if you go to site administration->user accounts, the users remain linked to “local”. I have to manually set them to Keycloak for it to work properly in Firefox. In Google Chrome it works somehow.

And I was wondering how I can set that user config to the keycloak authentication source and adding the associated username. I cannot seem to do this using the command you proposed…

Hi @netcicd, did you find a work around for this issue? I’m having the same problem, and looking for CLI or API for this.

Nope, not yet. So far, only the admin can be done through OpenID, users I am still waiting for.

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