Code Files Not Showing Latest Version

New user here. Self hosting with Docker on Linux. Everything seems to be working fine except that for some reason when I make changes to some files then commit, and push, the changes show up in the commit itself, but browsing to the file via Gitea UI shows the original version of the file when it was first committed and changes are not displayed on the page. This doesn’t appear to happen to all files, just some specific JavaScript files.

If I clone the repo again to a new directory, the latest version is there – so this appears to be more of a display issue than a more serious underlying issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have Watchtower updating nightly. Current version is 1.14.0+dev-523-gd989247bb.

If I click the “Edit” button on the UI, the file does show in Edit mode and it is in fact the latest version. But if I make changes to it directly in the editor and click “Commit Changes”, the read-only view of the file still shows the original commit and none of my changes.

Have you tried clearing the browser cache? I have had similar issues related to that which were fixed by clearing the cache.

Thanks for the reply! I ended up restarting my docker containers and so far it appears to be working again.