Change Edit URL Pattern to default

Hi everyone,

I think I messed something up with my gitea instance, but have no idea what.
In a docker container I am running V1.15.7 of gitea (I know already a year old, an update is already planned).

I noticed that my URLs to edit an File are strange.
Instead of
they look like:

For gitea itself this is not a problem but other services try to link to those edit pages and the normal /edit/ link leads to an 404.
I can’t explain to me how the underscore got in there and would like to revert to the normal /edit/ format.
It is only affecting the edit-URL. All other URLs are unaffected. (example /raw/ has no underscore)

I looked through all the settings and searched online but didn’t find anything about that.
Did I miss some setting or is there a different cause?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t believe you’ve messed anything up. The link to edit files in a repo is hardcoded to be _edit since at least 6 years ago (the last change was 6 years ago but they didn’t modify the URL so it likely has been that way for much longer):

					Post(bindIgnErr(auth.EditRepoFileForm{}), repo.EditFilePost)

Oh okay then it is designed behavior.
Seems a little bit odd to me, but it will have a good reason.
Then I will search for a different solution.

Thank you.