Change Pull Request to Merge Request

Hello, I am newbie.

I want to ask that the word Pull request should be changed to Merge request .

Pull request confused us as beginners that it is not like Merge request.
Merge request sounds good. :slight_smile:


Who agrees with that? :slight_smile:

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The “Pull Request” name, while not as accurate, is far more common because it is what GItHub uses. As a result most guides on the Internet which teach people how to contribute to projects use that term.

In spite of that, I’d certainly appreciate an option in Gitea to select which name should be used.

You can change the language file yourself before Gitea officially accept the proposal.

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I would disagree. A PR is a request for the maintainer of the project to run git pull on your branch to receive your proposed changes, then review the code, possibility request some modifications, then finally run git merge to merge your branch into master once they are happy. As a pull request indicates the start of this process, not the end (which is the merge), and the subsequent code review and discussion can happen in the comments section of the PR on Gitea, in my view this terminology is accurate and useful.

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