Cannot delete PDF file trough pull request

I’m facing an issue when I delete some pdf files from a branch and try to merge my changes into the master branch with a pull request.

I cannot reproduce it in, so I’ve installed Gitea master version (1.12-dev) in a Windows test server with git 2.26.0 and created a new repository. In the master branch of this new repository there is a single pdf file. I’ve set branch protection for master as follows:

  • Enable branch protection.
  • Disable push.
  • Enable a white list for pull request with a single user.
  • Establish required approvals to 1.

Then I create a new branch and remove the pdf file. After commit/push the branch, I create a pull request to merge my changes into master, but I get the following error:

“This pull request has changes conflicting with the target branch gitea”

This is a test repository and nobody has modified this pdf in another branch. Furthermore, my local git doesn’t find any conflicts between these two branches.

As I cannot reproduce it in I suppose there is something missconfigured in my gitea instance.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Could you file a bug on GitHub?
I can reproduce this on my Windows machine, so it could be Windows-specific somehow.

I’ve reported the issue in the gitea project: