Branches disappeared

One of my repos has six branches. However, probably after the update to 1.21.1, only two of them are shown in the WebUI. Tags referring to the ‘lost’ branches are still present and seem to be O.K. Pushing from the command line to these branches says ‘Everything up-to-date’. But they are not listed in UI. I don’t know if this is related, but some of the missing branches contain the characters ‘-’ and ‘.’

Today I discovered, that pushing a new commit such a ‘missing’ branch will make it show up again. The same can be achieved by deleting and recreating it.

This was a bug before v1.21.1 but fixed in v1.21.2. And you can always sync branches from admin panel.

Thanks for the info! I overlooked the function in the admin panel that seems to address exactly this kind of problem.