2FA failed to get secret

Trying to set 2FA on a user. After verifying the code, I get a banner across the top with the error message “failed to get secret”. Any ideas where I’d go about looking for what is causing this error and how to resolve it?

Gitea is otherwise working great and has been for a long time (i.e. this is not a new installation or a new user). Using version 1.14.2 (docker).

Thanks for any suggestions!

edit: Only running into this problem if logging in via openID. If I log in directly using my username and password then I have no issues. So, curious as to why but good to know I can work around it.

Please upgrade to v1.16.3 . 1.14.2 is old. If that problem is still present, please send an issue.

I guess I should have updated this topic – resolved with newer versions. Thanks @lunny for responding, though!