Need to disable 2 factor

I recently ran into some issues which seem to be fixed but now I’ve run into an issue where I cannot sign in with my 2 factor codes the scratch code worked but due to stupidity of me deleting the codes after thinking my other issues were solved (they weren’t) I had to restore a bunch of old files so now I cannot access my gitea with my admin account.
I can’t find an answer anywhere to remove the 2 factor except here: Disable 2FA from commandline but I have no idea what the solution means.

we need a command line parameter to disable someone’s 2fa

Aren’t you the one that provided the solution in the post I linked?
Could you explain the solution you gave there differently so that I can follow it?

Yes, that’s me. I think your link is the current solution. And we could have a better solution in future. That is to add a new command line to disable someone’s 2FA.