1.14.2 on m1 mac mini hangs

I have installed gitea via homebrew on a m1 mac mini following the instructions in the docs. The install goes fine but when I execute gitea (even just gitea -v or gitea -h) it hangs. I can’t ctrl-c out of … I can’t even kill or kill -9 the process (update: after a couple of reboots I can kill the process now with ‘kill’).
I basically need to reboot the system.
The OS is the latest update available.
Syslog does not show anything and neither does dmesg.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?


Using homebrew compiles the binary locally. I did attempt to compile 1.14.2 on RedHat and my binary came out small: 75MB as opposed to 105MB.

Download the Mac binary from here: 1.14.2 | Gitea

Compare it to the one you made. Since the binaries exist for Mac already, you can just use that one while you work out problems with your build environment.

Looking at the home brew log it just downloaded the binary … it didn’t compile anything. The system doesn’t even have go installed. I can double check the binary later but I’m sure it just downloaded it.


Ok, I’m not super familiar with Mac or homebrew. I thought it always compiles but I can see that it depends on the package.

Seeing that you have an M1 chip maybe you should be compiling it instead of relying on the Rosetta compatibility layer to run an x86 app on ARM architecture.

It downloads an arm64 binary so it’s not using Rosetta 2 … it’s a native binary.

I’ll try installing from source when I get some time. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing.