Windows, built-in SSH server, and git clone <ssh>

Hi all. I have been setting up gitea 1.12.2 on Windows server 2019 from binaries with AD authentication and MSSQL.

I’ve set it up to run as a service as per which says the RUN_USER should be COMPUTERNAME$

So far most everything is good. The https string gitea provides to clone a repository works as-is. Next I’ve been working on SSH access so that the developers will be able to avoid entering in their AD passwords once they’ve properly setup their keys.

But I have a minor issue I’d like to address. From the web site, the SSH string is computer$@computerfqdn:giteausrnam/reponame.git But from Linux you have to escape the $ by using computer\$@computer:username/reponame.git for git clone to work.

And it does work when you do escape the $, but I’d really like to have the SSH string from the web page be exactly what they need in the first place to be more developer friendly.

What is the “proper” way to resolve this? I have looked for a setting to override the RUN_USER name in the SSH string in but if one of them does that, I have missed it.

I have tried changing the RUN_USER to computer\$ in app.ini and that seems to work, but I am unsure if that might cause other issues since the official docs do not suggest that. Is there a better/safer solution?